Registration Steps

Coaches should register their teams. Please follow these steps carefully.

1. Online contest registration

Only teams with at least one problem solved in the Internet Contest are eligible to proceed to the next step.

2. Regional contest registration

For each of your final teams, do the followings before November 30, 2017 (9 Azar, 1396):

  • Fill out the registration form, and get it signed and stamped by your university.
  • Pay the registration fee (500,000 Tomans per team) at this link.
  • Send us a scanned copy of the registration form via this page.

Teams from step 1 who have successfully completed step 2 will be automatically advanced to the Regional Contest on the ACM-ICPC site. (No new team registration is needed on the ICPC site.)

Limits on the Number of Teams

There is a total limit of 80 teams for our contest site. The quota for each institution is announced at least one month before the contest on our official blog.


Generally, there is no accommodation available at the time of contest. However, we try our best to provide accommodation for the girl participants.

Foreign Teams

Foreign teams are welcome to attend the Tehran Site. The following special supports are provided to the foreign teams:

  • Registration fee is waived,
  • Accommodation will be provided.
  • Partial travel fund will be available upon request.

Foreign teams must apply at least one month before the contest, by sending an email to