2nd Iranian ICPC Challenge

ICPC Challenge

The ICPC Challenge gives programming teams attending the Tehran Regional Contest a chance to work on a different kind of problem. Working with their coaches, teams implement a player and compete against other teams’ players in a game. For this challenge, we have chosedn a Challenge, called Gold Hunters.

There is a 12-days coding phase, starting from December 1 to the end of the day on December 13. Competitors can develop and test their players during this time. After participants submit the final version of their players on December 13, we will run a double elimination tournament to determine the winner. The tournament will be presented as part of the 2014 ICPC Regional Contest – Tehran Site in December 18 at Sharif University of Technology.

The Game

The game, Gold Hunters, is a two-player game. Two players, each control a a set of hunters and minter.
Hunters have a bow and can shoot others. Workers have the ability to dig and extract gold from gold mines. The goal for each player is to collect golds as much as possible.

A match proceeds through a series of turns. Games can vary in duration. At the start of each turn, both players are given a description of the current state of the game. For each turn, both players choose a move for their workers. Then, based on the workers’ moves, the game updates its state, and then the next turn begins.


General Rules

  • Your program must be the sole work of your team. Any help from external sources is considered as fraud and will result in disqualification.
  • Any attempt to access other system resources (e.g., reading from files elsewhere, creating network connections, starting new processes) will result in disqualification.
  • The executive team reserves the right to change any of these rules at any time.
  • You are supposed to check the ACM blog regularly for any updates.
  • Upon submitting your code, you agree to these terms and conditions.