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The Contest

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) is the largest programming contest among university and college students in the world. This contest was initiated 26 years ago by ACM and seeks to engage academics and the information technology industry in shining the spotlight on the next generation of computing professionals and scholars, and to encourage the development of and to recognize excellent team work, programming skills, and problem-solving talent.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), funded in 1947, is the world's first educational and scientific computing society

The contest is a two-tiered competition among teams of students representing institutions of higher education. Teams first compete in the regional contests held around the world from September to November each year. The winning team from each regional contest advances to the ACM/ICPC World Finals, normally held the following March to mid-April. Additional high-ranking teams may be invited to the World Finals as wild card teams.

Last year 2363 teams from 1141 universities of 67 countries participated in the regional contests around the world (see the details). 64 teams from 22 countries advanced to the World Finals in Honolulu, Hawaii.

94 teams participated in Tehran contest last year and two teams from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) and Amir Kabir University of Technology advanced to the 2002 World Finals . The team from SUT ranked 18th overall, the AKU team could not participate because of U.S. visa rejection. See the final standings.

Tehran Site

For the fourth year in a row, Sharif University of Technology will be hosting the ACM/ICPC regional contest as one of the 9 sites in Asia. Other sites are Beijing in China, Dhaka in Bangladeh, Kanazawa in Japan, Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Kanpur in India, Manila in Philipine, Taejon in Korea, Xi'an in China.

The Tehran contest is scheduled to be held in SUT during Thursday October 31st and Friday Nov 1, 2002 (Aban 9-10, 1381). We are hosting about 65 teams of university students from Iran and countries in the west of Asia and the Middle East.

The winning teams of Tehran contest will automatically advance to the 27th ACM/ICPC world finals to be held in Hollywood, USA, in March 2003. ACM and IBM will bear part of the travelling expenses (up to US$4000) for each advancing team.

Limits on the Number of Teams

Due to the limitation on our contest space, following restrictions are applied on the number of participating teams from Iran:

Each Iranian university that had a team who solved at least 3 problems in one of the previous three regional contests, can send at most three teams. Those who solved at most 2 problems, can send at most 2 teams. Others can only send one team. This information can be found here.

Registration Steps

Coaches should register their teams. Please follow these
  • Register your teams as early as possible at ACM/ICPC site. Follow the registration link. The names of the team members can be finalized later.
  • Pay your registratino fees.
  • Send (or fax) the receipt of registration fee payment (this must be received by the deadline).
  • By the deadline, send us an official letter from your university officials containing the names of the participating team members (students and their coach). It is recommended that one coach is assigned for teams from one university.
  • Finalize your Internet registration (names, addresses, etc.) by the mentioned deadline.

Registration Fees

Each Iranian team is asked to pay 450,000 Rials as the registration fee that covers Tshirts, lunch and dinner, refreshments, and gifts. There is no registration fee for foreign teams. Registration fees should be paid to account number: 727.65 Bank Markazi Iran in the name of the Sharif University of Technology.

Travel Fund

There is no travel fund available for any team.


There is no accommodation available in the university at the time of contest. Iranian teams should take care of their own accommodations.
We can help them with hotel reservations, if needed. We will make hotel reservations for foreign teams.


Oct. 17 (Mehr 25):
Deadline for registration of local teams at the ACM/ICPC office. All documents must be received by this date. Online registration will be closed after this deadline.

October 1:
Participation confirmation for foreign teams.

Most foreign teams would need visas for entering into Iran. These teams should prepare well in advance and send us all visa correspondence by Oct 1.